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Sample Questions: Disability Benefits and Education

Sample Questions: Disability Benefits and Education

Background, Age, Education and Vocational Training

  • Name, address, Social Security number.
  • Date of birth, age today, age at onset of disability.
  • Highest grade completed in school.

If you did not complete high school:

  • Did you get a G.E.D.?

If you are not fluent in English:

  • Where were you born?
  • What language did you grow up speaking?
  • Where were you educated?
  • When did you come to the United States?
  • What language is spoken at your home today?
  • Who reads the mail at your house?
  • Are you able to read in another language?

In mental retardation and similar cases:

  • Did you attend regular classes or special education classes?
  • How well did you do in school?
  • If an 8th grade reading level is average, would you say that you’re at least an average reader?

If you are less than an average reader:

  • Can you read and understand a newspaper?
  • Can you “read or write a simple message such as instructions or inventory lists”?

If you are illiterate:

  • Who does your reading for you?
  • How have you handled job applications?
  • How did you get a driver’s license?
  • How have you managed to deal with SSA forms?
  • Can you multiply and divide/add and subtract/make change?
  • Describe any vocational training; was it completed? When?
  • Describe any on-the-job training. When?
  • Describe any training in the military. When?


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